ARTINFO Data bank Images applications

In the server category FINE ART/ ARTWORKS Artists' pierces presented in 400ő300 resolution.

The same pierces presented on CD-ROM series "Computer Collection of Art. Contemporary Fine Arts” in 800ő600 resolution.

ARTINFO CD-ROM images You can apply within the boundaries of the Licensing agreement.

In case You would like to exploit the Artinfo CD-ROM images in a way or for a purpose different from that appointed in the Licensing agreement (LA), You should apply to ARTINFO Multimedia Publisher for the Single Purpose Licensing Agreement (SPLA) and specify the purpose and the terms of images application. The SPLA will be sent to You as soon as possible.

If You require the ARTINFO Databank images of higher resolution then that used for the pictures on ARTINFO CD-ROMs pls. apply to ARTINFO for the special LA used for the one time application of the specified ARTINFO Databank’s images of higher resolution. After filling & forwarding to us the application   You will receive from us the text of the LA. Files containing ARTINFO Databank’s images of resolution required You will receive when LA fee is being paid.