CD-ROMs: Computer Collection of Art. Contemporary Fine Arts

The "Contemporary Fine Arts" Series on CD-ROM is a part of ARTINFO's Computer Collection of Art, which includes parallel CD-ROM series on other forms of art as well.

The series began publication in 1994. By the end of 1999 there will be ten volumes, covering approximately 10,000 works; they will represent all forms of contemporary fine art, spanning the entire range of stylistic trends from realism to the newest radical currents.

ARTINFO is a Russian publisher, and therefore it is natural that series first and foremost represents the work of Russian artists. The artistic level of works included in the series is guaranteed by well-known expert art critics. Every volume contains complete catalog information about the authors and about major galleries, in both Russian and English.

The series is being published in on environment of dynamically developing multimedia technology. Multimedia possibilities are put to use in each newly prepared CD to the extent that they are conveniently available to potential users, and if and only if they are obviously helpful for presenting the information.

The basic source of information for publishing the series is the Computer Data Bank of Fine Art, which ARTINFO has been compiling since 1992 with technological support of the Russian News Agency, ITAR-TASS.

This data bank is not the only source of information for the published "Contemporary Fine Arts" series. Information provided by museums, galleries, and corporate and private collections will also be incorporated in current and future disks.

The first volume of the series highlights artists of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and, Azerbaijan. The disk contains 1200 works of painting, graphics, sculpture and, decorative art. Art critics, experts, and gallery directors represented: Vil'iam Meiland, Svetlana Kavetskaya, Iurii Nikich, Nikita Andrievich,Marat Gel'man, Irina Efimovich, Konstantin Khudiakov. Reproductions are given at an image resolution of 640x480; a palette of 256 colors is used. Windows version. Published in April, 1994.

The second volume contains 1057 works of painting, graphics, sculpture, and decorative art created by 113 artists of Russia, Moldavia, Israel, and France.
Art experts: Vil'iam Meiland, Svetlana Kavetskaya. The disk contains music composed by the Russian Association for Electro acoustic Music (UNESCO/ ICEM). Resolution of images: 800x600; palett used: HighColor or TrueColor. Windows version. The volume was issued in November, 1995.

The third volume represents Moscow radical art of 1990's. The disc contains over 1000 works by 100 artists working in various forms of art: painting, graphics, photography, media art, performance, and others. The disk is being prepared with the aid of the Soros Center for Contemporary Art. Art expert: Iurii Nikich, Andrey Kovalev, Galina Elshevskaia. Image resolution: 800x600; palette used: HighColor or True Color. Windows. Publication date: September, 1997.

The fourth volume, was issued in October, 1997, also contains approximately 1000 works by contemporary Russian artists, representing a wide spectrum of current art trends.
In volumes five through ten, graphics, sculpture, photography, and other forms of the fine art will be more fully represented than in volumes one through four. In addition, two of the volumes will be completely devoted to realistic styles among the various trends of Russian fine art.

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