ARTINFO Ltd. was established in 1991 as one of the first Russian multimedia publishers. Ever since, its has been intensively:

The main objective of the project is to conserve and make available to users worldwide Russia's cultural wealth and provide effective information support to Russian artists, art students, critics, chroniclers and art lovers too.
Other participants in this project, in addition to the Russian Culture Fund and ARTINFO, are Russia's prime news agency ITAR-TASS and leading Russian specialists in the field of art.

The basic component of new infrastructure is the Modern Art Computer Data Bank, which contains information in Russian and English about more than 1000 prominent modern Russian artists and over 7,000 high-quality digital pictures of their art works.

We draw extensively on the Data Bank to prepare and publish a CD-ROM series "Computer Collection of Art. Contemporary Fine Arts" from 1994.

Four disks in the series have already been published. The next two disks of the series are to appear quite soon.
We plan to publish ten volumes of the series before the year 2001. They will contain a total of 10,000 art works.
Since November 1996, our Data Bank has been accessible on the Internet, the global network used by over 50 million people worldwide.

Please visit our WWW-server "From Russia with Art". At present our server provides on-line access to the data bank segments dealing with fine arts and music.

In 1998, we plan to make accessible to our visitors new segments such as design, photography, art and cultural news.
The unique volume and quality of information and its artistic presentation has evoked praise by domestic and foreign specialists and become popular with both professionals and art lovers.

In 1997 we organized, jointly with the Soros Centre for Modern Arts Moscow, The First Russian Festival of Art Resources and Da-Da-NET. Its aim was to tap the potential of the Russian artists implementing projects on the Internet, identify among the Russian-speaking users of the Internet those who are interested in modern art and provide an opportunity for them to place their works in a wider art context, to participate in discussions of electronic community culture and introduce them to western art resources.

The name of the project Da-Da-NET (from DADAism) was chosen to stress the continuity and innovative character of the NETart that erases the boundary lines between art per se and life, upholds non-engaged creative endeavor and the possibility of direct utterance in the information space.

Another promising project is the web site "Internet payment systems" which ARTINFO maintains jointly with IPS Group to provide structured updates of information about the development of all payment and settlement systems available on the Internet. ARTINFO is planning to use one of the Internet settlement systems for commercial on-line distribution of the pictures from its computer data banks.

The CD-ROM series "Computer Collection of Art. Contemporary Fine Arts" is not the only publishing project of ARTINFO.

In 1995, ARTINFO published the first two Russian mixed-mode compact disks - "Angelica Warum" and "Nautilus Pompilius".

In 1997, we published the multimedia album "Yuri Arakcheyev: A touch".

In December 1997, we published a CD-ROM "The complete multimedia collection. Vladimir Vysotsky in the 1960s", on tribute to Russia’s great bard, poet, actor.

In 1998, we will publish a double CD-ROM "The complete multimedia collection. Vladimir Vysotsky in the 1970s."
We are working in conjunction with the Soros Centre for Contemporary Art Moscow to prepare for publication a CD-ROM devoted to underground art of the 1960s.

We are also proud to offer top-quality presentation CD-ROMs and web sites made to order.

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